Liquid Life

Live to be healthy!

The goal of every organism is to be in balance. Your body knows inside itself what is good for it and it strives to be healthy.  

If your body is healthy, fluids and energy can flow freely. Nutrition can get to where it is needed. Our organs and tissues have sufficient space to fulfill their tasks.We feel strong and cheerfull.

The cell tissues, similar to our brain tissue, remember and store all experiences we have gained in our lives. Beautiful experiences like being in love, vacations, job promotions, having children, fulfilling dreams and so on,  are our inner ressources from which we can gain strength.

Stimulate Ressources

Circumstances like stress in your job or private life, accidents, operations, personal loss or separation, can influence our balance and block our inner flow of energy.

Maybe we did not take time to regenerate and find our inner balance and peace again after living through difficult times. Or memories of our own pregnacy and birth are too far in the past that they have slipped our conscious mind and we cannot remember them anymore.

We feel tired, weak or are restless or sad. Our joy of life seems forgotten.

Let life flow

CranioSacral Biodynamics is a sensitive and non-invasive treatment.

CranioSacral Biodynamics enables you to experience deep relaxation and the energy and dynamic forces within your body have time and peace to reorganise.

Astrological Life Composition is a one-to one personal conversation supported by your Astrological birth chart. In Astrological Life Composition together you and I connect the symbolism of the stars with your daily life style and general life experience and create a strengthening and stimulating Musical tune. 

My knowledge of mankind and astrological experience, enables us - you and I - to compose your personal melody for your own individual life path.

My work is holistic. Ressource and potential orientated. My focus is your light including the integration of your shadows. 

Our work together helps you to recover your sustaining memories and find ways to use them as ressources for your health.

You now have the possibility to strengthen your body and mind and support your health.

Let your life flow.  


„A human being is a container invented by water so that it can walk around." ~ Deane Juhan.